About Us


The Arc of Nevada was created to help ignite the passion and energy of people with disabilities and their families to self-advocate in an effort to promote the well-being and general welfare of people with developmental and related disabilities. Together we build a support network of people and organizations to promote people with diverse abilities.

What We Do

We are people with diverse abilities interested in sharing our passion for life. We are individuals with unique experiences working to be engaged in our communities. We have families, spouses, children, siblings, cousins… We have jobs and hobbies. We promote the well-being and welfare of people.

  • We work to foster the development of support services designed to engage people with diverse abilities.

  • We work to create awareness in the community about the rights, needs and capabilities of all people.

  • We work to educate, advise, and aid members in the planning, development and execution of their life goals.

  • We work to advise and educate those who care for people with specialized needs to ensure that the people they support are, at all times, respected, protected, sustained, and honored.

  • We work to build a support network of people and organizations to promote individuals with diverse abilities.

How to Help

Be engaged — in your community. Participate in community events and activities.

Share your story — with everyone who will listen. Awareness is essential to the development of supports and the elimination of barriers.